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TUFFIOM 440/1320lb Electric Hoist Crane
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TUFFIOM 10'' Portable Table Saw Speed 5000RPM with 60T Blade & Metal Stand
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Are you looking for Electrical Tools that can help you work?Tuffiom provides you with cheap electronic platform, metal detector set and electric hoist crane,In order to improve your work efficiency.

Electronic platform: Tuffiom electronic platform scale is a low-cost, high-precision measuring equipment, most suitable for super markets, grocery stores and other retail outlets.It is a versatile machine,when the scale is in non-use condition, it'll automatically switched off to save power.

Metal detector set: Tuffiom provide you with a Metal detector set that is easy to use and carry.There are two modes to facilitate your fast work:One is the ALL-METAL MODE: able to detect all metals including gold, silver, brass, aluminum, iron and steel.The other is DISC/NOTCH MODE: allows to distinguish targets from unwanted metals.It also has the function of precise waterproof, adjustable handle and angle.

Electric hoist crane: Made of durable braided anti twist high strength carbon steel line cable, which prevent the corrosion and rust. And the strands are tight, it is not easy to break, high load capacity.It is suitable for lifting small engines, factories, warehouses, construction, building, railway construction, industrial and mining enterprises and others.

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