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If you are a beginner or a sewing master for many years, tuffiom electric sewing machine is your best choice.This electric sewing machine is easy to use, anyone can operate it, and you can easily complete your work.Save your time and money.

The tuffiom electric sewing machine is equipped with LED light and scissors. When the light is insufficient, the built-in LED light can be used as a supplement to the work light to protect the eyes and reduce fatigue. The equipped scissors make it easier to cut the thread.

Tuffiom electric sewing machine has two different speed modes: fast and slow. You can adjust the sewing speed according to your needs.And suitable for all kinds of fabrics.
The handle design of Tuffiom electric sewing machine makes it easy to carry. And the sewing machine has a compact design and is easy to store in the corner of the room.
During use, you can change different types of presser feet to prevent the thread from loosening and opening to meet your different sewing needs.It can also make the thread not easy to be loose and knotted,and make the sewing pattern more beautiful.

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