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Are you looking for the heat press machine that suits you?Tuffiom provides you with cheap and safe heat press machine.

The Tuffiom heat press is very suitable for personal DIY programs. You can put pictures and letters to customize your own T-shirts, hats, plates, mugs, mouse pads, canvas tote bags, etc.You can also make your own exclusive label,Show yourself unique.

Tuffiom heat press is easy to operate,digital controller presets the desired temperature and timer. There will be intelligent audible alarm after the transfer is done. Full 360º swing-away design allows the heating element to be moved safely aside and reduce the chances of accidental contact. Powerful and longer handle offer mighty power and great comfort.You don’t have to worry about assembly issues,the machine is fully assembled when it arrives and can be used right out of the box. Equipped with five components, the application range is wider.

Tuffiom heat press uses Teflon-coated platen elements to prevent transfer scorching, and does not require a separate silicone or Teflon plate. Harmless to fabrics: easy to clean and beautiful in appearance.

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