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TUFFIOM 15/20/30/35 Gallon Portable Fuel Storage Tank with Wheels Red/Black

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30 Gallon
35 Gallon
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This fuel storage tank is made of high-quality, lightweight materials and has a sturdy iron tank that won't easily deform. It features an 8ft kink-free hose for maximum flow and a 30-gallon capacity, making it perfect for storing fuel for lawn and garden tools, vehicles, and other equipment.

This product for unused diesel or gasoline only. Waste oil or chemicals would be easy to stick and break pump.


1. FAST & EFFICIENT TO Fill: This fuel storage tank features an 8ft kink-free hose for maximum flow, a wide neck for spill-free filling, and an ergonomic hand crank to improve efficiency.

2. SAFE: To prevent dangerous static electricity during use, this fuel storage tank includes an anti-static grounding clamp for safe storage of gasoline and diesel.

3. MOVABLE & EASY TO USE: Designed with wheels and a hand pusher for easy mobility and transportation. The easy-to-read vent/fuel level gauge makes it simple to check the remaining fuel, while the reversible rotary hand pump allows you to suck the fuel back into the tank, minimizing waste.

4. LARGE CAPACITY: With its 30-gallon capacity, this fuel storage tank is perfect for storing fuel for gas-powered lawn and garden tools, automobiles, ATVs, and a variety of other fuel-powered equipment.

5. STURDY & DURABLE: Made from high-quality materials, this fuel storage tank is both lightweight and easy to transport, while the heavy-duty iron tank is sturdy and durable, ensuring it won't easily deform and will have a long service life.


Color: Red/Black/Yellow

Maximum Capacity: 15/20/30/35 Gallons

Rotary Pump: Hand Crank/Manual

Fuel Level: Gauge Type

Vented: Yes

Tire Diameter: 10"

Hose Size: 8 Feet

Assembly Required: Yes

Weight: 35kg / 77.16lbs

Tank Dimensions: 31.5" x 14.76" x 14.76"(L x W x H)

What You Get:

1 x Gas Caddy

1 x Instructions Manual

1 x Reversible Rotary Hand Pump

1 x 8 FT Kink Proof Siphon/Discharge Hose with Nozzle

1 x Easy-To-Read Vent/Fuel Level Gauge

2 x 10" Pneumatic Tires With Steel Rim

Customer Reviews

Based on 28 reviews
Instructions State to Put Oil in the Hand Crank Pump Body But How?

Works great but I have no instructions on how to "Before pumping, please check if there is still some engine oil in body. If no, add a little to continue pumping. 2. After pumping gasoline, do not use again before taking some maintenance. 3. Maintenance like dropping a little engine oil in the pump body." Please advise how to add the engine oil into the pump body. I see no way to put oil into the pump body without taking it apart. I will remove it from the tank to inspect if there is some way to add the recommended oil to the pump body that is not visible from the exterior, but manufacturer guidance would be very much appreciated.

Randall M. Haney
Timely customer service

This fuel tank is perfect for what I had bought it for. I use it to fuel my airplane from the back of my pick up truck. My airplane is a high wing so I back under the wing, put the hose in the tank, hook up the attached grounding wire and pump fuel from the tank into my airplane. The one thing I really like about it is sometime because of maintenance requirements you have to take the fuel out of the aircraft. I found I simply put the hose in the tank and turn in the pump in reverse. I can suck all the fuel out of the airplane into the storage tank uncontaminated. Previously, I would have to drain it and put it in a bucket. I could no use it after that because has the potential to be contaminated. At the cost of fuel thats a big savings. My quantity indicator didnt work but they shipped a new replacement the day I notified them.

Instructions are included. Found the instruction booklet after assembly was complete.

Have not pumped yet. Aluminum hose nozzle is the same size as a gas pump filler nozzle. You can not shove the hose down into a gas tank to drain the gas from a vehicle. Provided hose is wire reinforced. I found wire protruding from the crimp on the pipe side of the hose connection. Tried to cut it off shorter. Still got stabbed in the thumb by the wire. Made it safe with a blob of JB Weld epoxy. Will report on pumping success once I use it. So far looks like a nice tank.

debra francis

Very happy works great

robin solymanijam
Service Beyond Expectations

It is rich in functions and meets my requirements for various needs.

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TUFFIOM 15/20/30/35 Gallon Portable Fuel Storage Tank with Wheels Red/Black

TUFFIOM 15/20/30/35 Gallon Portable Fuel Storage Tank with Wheels Red/Black

30 Gallon
35 Gallon
15 Gallon
20 Gallon